Longtime experience of town planning and design have formed the foundations for success in public competitions. Clients turn to us for planning services in urban planning, housing, school buildings, sports facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, and major projects, such as university buildings. AEP offers a holistic and broad range of consultancy services form concept  to design, construction and site supervision.

Architecture / Town Planning / Conservation
Building, Landscape design, room fittings, based on HOAI stages 1-9

Building Services Engineering
Technical building equipment and finish offered in project teams based on HOAI work stages 1-9, sustainable design, photovoltaics, geothermal energy, renewable energy, holistic building concepts

Project development, feasibility studies, planning and execution, based on HOAI stages 1-9

Operational Management / Survey reports
Functional assessments, assessment of existing buildings, restoration concepts, cost comparisons, cost calculations, 2nd opinion reports

Clinical & Medical Equipment Planning
Medical and laboratory design, research and cleanroom laboratories, PET, MRT, Operating room, pharmacy, sterilization, ICU based on GMP guidelines

Environmental Management Systems
Accredited Consultant & Surveyor for energy efficiency of residential and non-residential buildings according to German Standards DIN 4108 and DIN 18599

Project Management
Project management, project development, requirement planning and survey reports, scheduling - and cost control, quality assurance and construction management

Materials Equipment Handling
Driverless transport systems, lifts, automated guided vehicle systems, pneumatic delivery