AEP Eggert & Partners was founded in Stuttgart, in 1974. Since then, it's focus has been the planning and implementing of healthcare buildings and schools. Projects foundations were laid in the early years with successfull public competitions for residential, school and sports facilities, hospitals, elderly care and university buildings. In 2010, AEP was nenamed from Eggert & Partner GbR to Architects Eggert General Planner GmbH.

From 1982, main focus has been given on healthcare buildings and schools. Since then, AEP have won a number of prizes in architectural competitions. Our task is to target the needs of the building to be planned to meet to plan an aesthetic, functional and business administration building and implementing them with accurate knowledge and analytics.

Large projects, such as the 4 building phases for the St. Anna Virngurndklinik Ellwangen, the University Hospital in Marburg, the laboratory building at the University of Heidleberg and specialty clinics such as the Arcus Sports Clinic in Pforzheim and the Children's Hospital Osnabrück are current examples of comprehensive planning expertise of our offices.

At the Stuttgart and the Berlin offices, a team of architects + engineers conduct the planning and construction from preliminary design to supervision. Our associated office in Munich operates regionally in order to ensure the widest possible access to all projects.

Founded in 2006, our affiliated company AEPmed - medical operation and management offers medical equipment planning, clinical space and laboratory planning, operational concepts and target programs. Since 2007, projects in Turkey and Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam have been executed. AEP is a founding member of bw-engineers GmbH, who consists of an architectural + engineering network in the Arabian market.

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